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About Kat

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Only a life lived in service to others is worth living. 

- Albert Einstein

Born at home gave me a special love for home birth and midwifery care, so as a young woman I pursued a career in midwifery, and after years of education and running a successful local practice I have had the pleasure of attending upwards of 750 births.

My father was a commercial general contractor growing up and so I got to visit job sites of many of the stores, schools, and fire stations.  My grandparents started out dirt poor and through frugality and hard work, they bought properties as they could until they eventually retired owning several rental properties...

When I got burnt out from midwifery work, the long hours, the life and death constantly in your face, all of the challenges of that work... I searched for where to go next. I'm not someone who can separate my career from my life and who I am, I very much wrap myself into it, so it had to be a career I would love.

My example was to become a real estate investor, because of the success my extended family had with it. We had just bought our first home (a major fixer upper, which we could barely afford and were knee deep in that project)... I had a really good experience with our agent... I started thinking about being a real estate agent more and more. I honestly never considered it before us buying our home, because my image was a sleazy sales-person (many agent colleagues have since proven that wrong, and only a few have proven it right).

I decided to plunge fully into it, what was the worst that could happen? I don't like it? I'm bad at?

Then I would find something new (it wasn't like I was repeating 6 years of school again).

Real estate work immediately became quite busy for me. I was fortunate to start on a team and learn the skills I needed from a very experienced agent.  And I naturally was and am very skilled at it.

I found out that being a real estate agent, for me anyway, held all of the wonderful things that I loved about midwifery care!  

I got to be with people, primarily through a stressful and joyous part of their lives.

I got to provide honest informed consent so my clients could make the best decisions for themselves.  

It has been a beautiful past over 5 years of this work.

I am still a midwife at heart, but now, I get to midwife people through buying and selling homes.

Over the last few years we've done a few very successful DIY investment properties. I am convinced that real estate can be the fastest way to build wealth imaginable. But it has to be done intelligently, and with a bit of luck!

My family lives in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and I serve this beautiful community. I grew up on a beef cattle ranch in Montana, and became so successful in midwifery and then later real estate in Western Wa, so when my family was looking for a slower paced lifestyle (and to get closer to my roots) we chose CDA, and love it! I do still do real estate work through a team in the greater Seattle area from a distance now. 

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