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The homes we live in matter...

Our homes matter.

We live our life, experiencing most of our joy and sadness within them.

They are also the biggest purchase most people make in their lives, and have the ability to shift your finances to create wealth or deplete it.


Because they matter so much, I view my role as assisting and guiding people to make clear decisions based on the current real estate market and my knowledge and experience with that... but more importantly, hearing your story, your desires and finding out how to get you where you want to go.

As a Real Estate Agent I Serve all of

North Idaho & Spokane

My team, KB Group NW, serves the Puget Sound area, including all of Seattle & Tacoma

If I am not able to serve you well in your area, I will refer you to an excellent agent who can.

As a Loan Originator I serve all of Washington State. Please feel free to reach out!

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Kat Barron

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Lending with Wynnman Financial LLC
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